Shoshana is a very kind and knowledgeable woman who I was very pleased to have with me during two birth/motherhood experiences.  She exudes warmth and genuine caring, and talking to her has helped me feel calm in the whirlwind of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.  She is a great communicator and follows through expertly on her agreement to support new mothers.  Anyone using her services is likely to feel very taken care of during this process. 



Working with Shoshana and Lori was the single best decision that we made in creating our birth plan. From the expert and thoughtful pre and post natal support and education that they provided, to the immense support throughout labor, we couldn't be more grateful.


Shoshana was on call when I went into labor 2 weeks early. She was the first call that I made, and helped me to find a sense of calm, remain grounded and take the steps that I needed to when my mind was in a million places. This was the case throughout the entire process. Shoshana provided steady, grounded and comforting support during the most vulnerable time in my life. She had a fabulous way of helping me mentally reframe the pain into positivity in regards to the baby progressing just the way she should be and making her way down to greet the world. She created a sense of excited anticipation in a time that I could have easily gotten mentally lost in the pain. Shoshana was incredibly empowering. She was steady and comforting and knew just the techniques to manage the pain, distract me when necessary, and even managed to make in laugh during labor.


Shoshana and Lori are a fantastic team and we felt like they had become part of our family throughout the process of working with them. We will absolutely be wanting to work with them again if the opportunity presents itself.


- KZ

Shoshana was on call when I went into labor. Turned out that I had a very long labor, around 50 hours! She was there to keep me grounded and focused the entire time. She was mindful of the birth plan that we had created beforehand and did an excellent job of gently steering me back towards the original goals that I had expressed. However, as the labor progressed and dragged on, I changed my mind regarding some of my pain options. She was respectful of my decision and supportive. I am absolutely happy with the way that my son's birth unfolded and have no regrets. I know that I did my absolute best and gave 100%; I don't feel that I would have been able to be so present without Shoshana by my side. 


Birthing is absolutely the most incredible experience I've had in life. The feeling of being so strong and so vulnerable all at once is almost indescribable. Shoshana had a way of making me feel completely at ease in her presence and that was truly a gift when I was riding those waves of pain! 


If we decide to give our son a brother or sister, we will absolutely call on Shoshana again!



Shoshana was my doula for the September 2013 birth of my son and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her.  Initially my husband and I were on the fence about whether we needed a doula, mainly because of the cost, but we are so grateful that we hired one and that we chose Shoshana. 


From our very first meeting we were impressed by Shoshana. She possesses a warmth, confidence and knowledge base that immediately put us at ease.  She was skilled at assisting with the emotional aspects of pregnancy and birth and was immensely helpful with both easing and supporting me through the physical pain of labor. 


I labored for 32 hours and aside from the initial first few hours at home, Shoshana was unflappable and by my side for every single one of them.  She seemed to know the right things to say, the right labor positions to try, and the right pressure points and massage techniques to use.  She was also skilled at supporting my husband throughout the process.  I cannot recommend her enough!



Shoshana helped us on the birth of our daughter in April 2013, and I highly recommend her.

My husband and I were not sure if we wanted to have a stranger at the birth, but looking back, we're so glad that we had Shoshana with us. 

Shoshana is an excellent listener, and is so caring and super responsible.  Even though we started looking for a doula at the last minute, she was very accommodating.  She visited us a couple of times to explain what she does, and to listen to what we were looking for.  She's always very quick on responding to e-mails, phone calls, and texts. 

She lived 45 minutes away when we had our daughter, but she came right away when we needed her 10 days before the due date.  She guided us through the whole experience in a very calm and assuring manner.  She knew exactly what we wanted.  She was a big part of the team, but she wasn't on our way.   She made sure that the hospital staff knew what we wanted as well by distributing our birth plan.  She stayed with me when my husband had to take care of other things, massaging me and coaching me with breathing, which helped me go through waves of contraction.  She held my hand when I pushed.  After the delivery, she stayed with us for a couple of hours, and made sure that everything was ok before she left.

Shoshana definitely made the birth of our daughter enjoyable for both my husband and myself. 

She even visited us after we came home, and made sure that we were adjusting to our new life ok.  She also wrote up a little story on the birth of our daughter, which was very touching. 

Not only is Shoshana an exceptional doula, she's a wonderful person.